K2 Office is the modern office space
in Wroclaw ready to be rented already as from 2019.
At the disposal of the lessees remains 2384 m2 in the entire building..

Benefits of rental
K2 Office

Attractive price
and service charges


Large parking area
for 84 cars

Above average height of premises
(even up to 4.10 m)

High finishing

common spaces

front office

and bright interiors


Support with adaptation
of office spaces


  • Its timeless architecture, makes that the building catches the eye, and at the same time perfectly integrates with the environment. It is impossible just to pass by K2 Office.
  • The structure combines a minimalistic mass of the building and the interiors designed in a modern way therefore the premises are convenient and comfortable.
  • When deciding to locate a headquarters of the company in such a place, the lessees can be certain that it will be positively perceived by their customers/clients or counterparties. A business environment is reflected in the image and the position of the company on the market.
  • All lessees of the premises in the structure may use the extensive entrance zone with the front office. It is a place of great importance in terms of functionality, as well as representativeness.Thanks to the front office the customers/clients of each company located in the structure will have an access to the professional service and information.
  • Excellently designed and made to a high standard common space emphasises quality of the investment.

tailor-made offer

  • K2 Office responds to the needs of the most demanding lessees. The broad arrangement possibilities and a wide choice of the premises with a different metric area and the location enable to develop an offer on a personalised basis for the lessees.
  • The open space and high premises allow for any arrangement. The lessees can rent the entire floor or the respective modules. By renting the entire floor you gain an opportunity to divide it into the zones with a different designation, depending on the needs and work style
  • The premises available for rent feature varied surface area, so the lessees may select such a metric area, as specifically meets their needs.
  • The lessees may decide on the high quality “turn key” interior finishing.
  • The speed of moving in the office building is improved by the functional passageways and a silent-running lift.
  • The height of the premises is of (including a suspended ceiling) – in case of the ground floor – 4.10 m, the intermediate floors – 3.10 m, the last floor – 3.40 m

Building projections


The location at the intersection of the most important passageways (the A4 and A8 motorways, S5 express road), allows for getting a quick access not only to the remaining parts of Wroclaw, but also to the other Polish and European towns.

Check on the map

of location

One of the key success factors in business constitutes the location. The excellent location of the office building in Wroclaw, guarantees a quick and easy access to the remaining parts of the town.

Furthermore, a location at the intersection of the motorways, offers an opportunity of the comfortable travelling to the other places/locations in Poland or Europe. The access to the A8 motorway enables to reach Warsaw efficiently. Whereas the A4 motorway leads to Katowice, Cracow or Berlin. The S5 express way gives a possibility of the quick access to Poznań.

K2 Office features the location, that enables to avoid the gridlocked streets in the city centre. The structure is situated in the vicinity of Żmigrodzka Street, what allows for the efficient access to the company both for its employees, and its customers/clients. Both the access by the public transport (bus and tram stop directly at Kępińska Street – 4 tram lines, a few bus lines), and by bike is of great convenience. The special bike stands can be found in the office building.

K2 Office features not only the high-standard office spaces, but also an ordered area around the building. The area is designed so that the lessees and their customers/clients and counterparties are ensured the perfect access and the problem-free parking. 84 parking spaces in the parking area around the building guarantee comfort of parking just in front of the structure. The parking area is big enough to fit in the delivery trucks.

Benefits of the location of
k2 office building office:

  • An availability of the key thoroughfares.
  • An easy access to the A4 motorway (Ukraine – Germany), A8 motorway (Warsaw – Kłodzko), S5 express way (Poznań direction)
  • A possibility to reach in 7 minutes by car to the Old Town.
  • An access in 15 minutes by car to the airport.
  • A distance of only 15 minutes by car to the Railway Station.
  • Shopping centres in the proximity (e.g. Lidl, Marino centre).
  • There is a hospital, medical establishments, inland revenue office and schools are in the walking distance.
  • More than 84 parking spaces.

and solutions

  • Thanks to using the technologies and the intelligent solutions, it is the fully functional office building adapted to the needs of the contemporary business.
  • The environment friendly solutions, efficient air conditioning and ventilation, as well as the proper insulation, enable to reduce significantly the current running costs.
  • The large, tilt windows ensure an appropriate amount of daylight. At the same time, they are perfectly silenced.
  • The advanced ICT solutions guarantee an efficient internal and external communication.
  • K2 Office offers also full safety ensured by the 24h security services, an access system, as well as an intrusion detection system.



  • Spacious, silent-running lift,
  • Wi-Fi,
  • Cash machine,
  • Provision for the adverting spaces on the roof,
  • Possibility of personalised arrangements of the office units,
  • Premises have a height of above 4 m,
  • Possible turn key finishing,
  • Suspended ceilings,
  • Full lighting,
  • Premises include a bathroom and a kitchenette,
  • ICT infrastructure,
  • Tilt windows ensure an access to the fresh air,
  • Utility consumption is measured by the individual metering,
  • Over-standard wall and window parameters,
  • Excellent insulation of the structure,
  • Gren areas outside and inside the structure,
  • Network heat that ensures economic effectivity.


  • 24h security services,
  • Access control system,
  • Fire detection and fire alarm system,
  • Closed Circuit TeleVision,
  • Front office,
  • Intrusion detection system,


  • 84 parking spaces,
  • Bike stands,
  • Electric car filling station.

About Wroclaw

Wroclaw constitutes a business heart of Lower Silesia. It is referred to as the most
entrepreneur friendly cities in Poland,
as well as one of 20 the most attractive locations for the companies in Europe.

Wroclaw has at its disposal a technical and infrastructural potential, and, first and foremost, the social one.
Already today, every 5 company thinks about investing just in Wroclaw, and a reputation of this town is underlined by the numerous foreign investments (inter alia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Amazon, Qatar Airways, LG Electronics).


Why is it worth locating your business in Wroclaw?
Wroclaw is:
one of the leading town of the SSC/BPO sector,
developed transport and office infrastructure,
educated human resources,
strong local economy.

Rental of the office spaces in Wroclaw? Only K2 Office.


A realisation of a prestige investment, such as K2 Office is an effect of our long-term experience related to making the investments on the real estate market.


We want to fit into a vison of Wroclaw, as a city that offers the excellent conditions for the creative business. Therefore, we the modern office for rent. The better work conditions, the greater involvement and the greater satisfaction from the performed responsibilities. The above-mentioned foster innovation.

That is why our mission consists in delivering the highest quality office spaces that fulfils the needs of the Lessees.

We have earned a name of the reliable partner, first of all due to understanding the expectations of our Clients. The subsequent projects have enabled us to become acquainted with the needs of the contemporary business in respect of the rental of the office space.

We know, how important is comfort at work, therefore we attach importance to each detail in the performed office building.
The modern and minimalistic architecture, using the reliable, energy-efficient, materials and state-of-the-art technologies, constitute the distinguishing features of accomplishments.



2 Kępińska Street
51-132 Wrocław


(+48) 530 161 242